What our families are saying!

"The last couple years have been really tough with my son, Jei. He was diagnosed with ADD and was quite severe, affecting everything from his focus, sleep, memory, social behavior, emotional regulation and his ability to succeed in school. I didn’t want to rely on stimulant ADHD meds, but his situation was acute. He lacked focus and attention at school and he really had a hard time remaining calm. He behaved aggressively and with extreme anger - like his brain was on fire. Things really came to a head last year in the third grade when other children were able to regulate their emotions, and Jei clearly was not. A few times a week, he would fall on the floor - thrashing, screaming and crying. His anger would lead him to do things like throw his desk across the class room. At one point, he lost his temper with another child in his class on the playground, pushed him up against a tree and threw mulch in his face. When we sat down to talk about it, Jei said he tried to breathe, tried to calm himself, but just couldn't control himself and didn't know what to do. He cried and told me, "I don't mean to be bad, but something takes over me and I can't control it." It broke my heart. He was on probation and risked being kicked out of an amazing private arts school that we worked hard to get him into.

}Jei's pediatrician directed us to Dr. Franklin. Under Dr. Franklin’s care, Jei really turned things around. Dr. Franklin addressed diet and supplementation to heal Jei’s gut, and ultimately his brain. He received treatments weekly, and these did wonders to calm my son and take the edge off.

We saw results immediately but three months in, he was a different child. Now, a bad day is rare. I get two thumbs up and "Jei had an excellent day" from his teacher when I pick him up from school. More than anything, Jei is a happier and much calmer kid and no longer experiences the regular shame around not being able to self-regulate. He can regulate his emotions and express them in healthy ways now. When we first started working with Dr. Franklin, that didn't even seem possible. The transformation almost seems miraculous and I am so grateful to Dr. Franklin for seeing our family through a really tough time."

- Tonya Turrell

“Dr. Dwight is a real find! He's an excellent acupuncturist, but he really treats the whole person. He has worked with my teenage son on his overall well-being, with a focus on his mental health. He has helped him see the connection between his diet, exercise, health, and mental well-being. He is an excellent sounding board, a non-judgmental listener and an advocate for the whole family. My teenager not only tolerates this treatment, but actually looks forward to his "fine-tuning" sessions each week--that is the best recommendation I can make. Working with Dwight is one of the best investments I can make in my son's well-being. You won't be disappointed.”

- Christine Haskins

“I met Dr. Franklin a couple of years ago when I brought my 16-year-old son to see him for ADD, anxiety, and depression. I have tried many treatments in the past and I have always believed in oriental medicine and acupuncture, so I thought I would give it a try to see if it would help my son. My son has a very extensive background of abuse and emotional problems and I wanted to try cranial sacral therapy, herbal remedies and acupuncture to see if It would help him. After treatment with Dr. Franklin, even after his first visit, I saw some change in my son. Dr. Franklin treated my son with great compassion and as a friend so that my son could trust in him. I am very happy with the change that my son has made internally (because my son had a lot of yeast in his system) and emotionally. I am grateful for Dr. Franklin and for his great knowledge in Oriental medicine, as an acupuncturist, and with cranial sacral therapy that has helped him immensely. I would recommend Dr. Franklin for any child with ADHD or any other disorders that you feel your child has. As a parent we strive for nothing but the best for our children and 2 years ago I was desperate to find help for my son. After trying many different conventional therapies I greatly recommend Franklin Family Wellness Institute to all. I have seen many great changes in my son and thank Dr. Franklin for this!! Thank you Dr. Franklin!”

- Norma Rivera

“I took my 5 year old son to Dr. Franklin in September 2015 at the recommendation of Dr. Cannizzaro, our pediatrician. My son had been getting sick every month and each virus would result in a "croup-like" cough and inflammation in his throat that would sometimes restrict his breathing to the point of needing to go to the Emergency Room. He was taking steroids to help prevent the breathing issues, but the episodes were still frequent and very scary for my son (and for me!). My son ate a healthy diet and we lived in a healthy home environment so I didn't know what else to do. }We started seeing Dr. Franklin twice a week for a few months and we did everything Dr. Franklin advised us to do. We did not want to have a breathing scare again! My son went 8 months without getting sick again, and when he did finally get a cold again, it was very mild. Today, we see Dr. Franklin twice a month and still follow his supplement and diet advice. My son is now 7 and we still have not had another scary breathing episode. We have since been through two flu seasons and we are so grateful to Dr. Franklin for his healing touch. ”

- Sarah Barrett

“ I have had the privilege to collaborate with Dr. Dwight Franklin, AP in the family-centered setting of integrative pediatric and adult healthcare. I have referred many infants, children, and adults to Dr. Franklin. Patients were seen in a timely manner with positive outcomes. His treatment plans are very thorough. I appreciate Dr. Franklin's precise and compassionate care. He demonstrates professionalism and has quite a pleasant and compassionate personality. We have done several case studies together, as well. Dr. Franklin has spent his valuable time guiding and training me with specific healing modalities, for which I am grateful. I have enjoyed attending Dr. Franklin's presentations on holistic health care. He is a gifted speaker. I continue to learn so much from him. ”

- Sincerely,
Kristin L. Worischeck, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant


“My daughter Carly is 16 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with Scoliosis around the age of 12. She was put in a brace for 1 year. Her curve started around 19 degrees and progressed to 23 degrees. At her last Orthopedic evaluation a year ago her curve was around 21 degrees and had not gotten worse, however she suffers with moderate to severe chronic back pain. Dr. Dwight Franklin started seeing her around the second week of February and has done Acupuncture, Massage and Cupping. She did not notice much difference after the first visit with acupuncture but after the second visit he did massage and cupping as well as put her on OPC3, a natural anti-inflammatory once daily, she did notice an improvement! She has less frequent episodes of back pain and not nearly as intense. We will continue to see Dwight every week, alternating Acupuncture, Massage and Cupping. ”

- Wendy Bowdoin

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